Monday, September 1, 2008

MODEST? PUH-LEASE! Eco-Hysteria "Green" MODE expensive Renovation

MODEST? Look at the You Tube "Building Green 1" and "Building Green 2", and figure up for yourself how much of a "MODEST" COST of Green Backs that fancy-dancy "Green House" renovation cost.

How much of the cost came from Government Grants?

How much from companies providing parts and services in exchange for the positive publicity?

Go to the Arlington Building Permits Office and see the plans of "owner provided supplies". Doesn't Lowes and Home Depot give discounts to contractors?

But do you think if the "Green Renovation" supplier GIVES items or services to Doliner-Kaufman, that is a bigger discount than a contractor discount?

Where is an accounting of the cost of the house, the cost of the building supplies used in the "Green House Renovation", and the cost of contractor labor?

The house sold for $910,000 in February 2008, what was it purchased for?

Did the taxpayers get any money back on any grants to do the Green renovation?

Oh, by the way, do the math, the "Eco-Green" "Al Gore" math...

In the You Tube usually "amateur" video, the Doliner-Kaufman "Green House" renovation is filmed, edited, and produced by ABC TV videographer Mike Kravinsky and his wife Lisa.

Fine job, truly, but how much did it COST?

How is that factored into the COST of the GREEN renovation?

Is that part of the deal by which many of the "GREEN" contractors and building suppliers either gave their products outright to Doliner-Kaufman, that is to say, "FREE", or much reduced cost?

Where did Doliner-Kaufman LIVE during the YEAR she or he mentions the GREEN renovation took to accomplish?

Is the housing costs during the GREEN renovation factor into the total cost calculation?

Likely a TRUE ACCOUNTING of the Doliner-Kaufman GREEN renovation would be in the $500,000 range, maybe a little bit less, maybe a lot more.

Now consider that Doliner brags about paying ONLY $7 on electricity last month whereas last year they paid $100.

First, was the bill of last year during the time all the power tools used in the GREEN renovation were being used?

Yet let's do the GREEN MATH. Say the GREEN Renovation ONLY COST $100,000, not $500,000, or even $300,000.

With ZERO interest on a $100,000 (a pretty good "deal" in itself), to pay off $100,000 over 30 YEARS on a MONTHLY basis, the MONTHLY PAYMENT would be near $277,

So to save $93 on her electric bill one month and half on other months, "Green Backs for Green Causes" fundraiser J.D. Doliner pays $277 PER MONTH in GREEN renovation costs.

That is like the math of Mr. GREEN Al Gore in the 2000 Election, "Well we just won't count those numbers we don't like..." Like the Military Absentee Votes in California, that were NOT counted where he, Mr. Green-Gore, won.

And like the Military Absentee Votes in Florida, where Mr. Green-Gore tried to steal the election.


GREEN = GREED in this Doliner-Kaufman/County Councilman-Circuit Court Clerk Paul Ferguson GREEN HOUSE renovation in Arlington County, Virginia.

Oh, and let's not forget that a BONUS for being the first to implement Paul Ferguson's "Brain Child" "GREEN Home Choice" program in Arlington, Doliner-Kaufman are awarded by the Circuit Court judge Almand with the CHILD SNATCHED from Nancy Hey.

Hey, GREEN MATH and CHILD SNATCHING are BOTH examples of GREED in the GREEN policies of Arlington County, and its former Chairman, now Circuit Court Clerk Paul Ferguson.

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Annon said...

Bizziboy (8 months ago)

Wow this is what foster parents spend the money they get for children on hu? Wow... remind me of my fosters... the upstairs they spent so much on it nice tv stereo's all kinds of stuff... then down stairs where they kept us we had crappy rooms 1 dresser each a single bed and cold crappy floors...

Maybe if I could get foster kids I wouldn't have to work... aether and I could fix up my whole home... and make a youtube movie about it...

....... disgusting...