Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is my Mom? Sabrina held like a sack of potatoes by Eco-Green Foster Mother Sandra J.D. Doliner

Doliner is a "Green Backs for Green Causes" fundraiser, for Al-Gore type, eco-projects to get government money, that is TAXPAYERS DOLLARS to underwrite the costs of a house renovation, or a eco-business.

Great deal if you can get 100s of 1000s of dollars of "free" money to convert a 1925 "kit" house into a model "Green House" renovation.

You see she has eyes only for the daughter, the fruit of her own womb.

Poor Sabrina, wondering where the birth mother who loves her has been taken, not understanding that she, Sabrina, is a Child Snatched from her loving birth mother by the "Holier than Thou", "We know what is best" Child Social workers.

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Annon said...

Sabrina will one day figure out that her foster parents are not her real parents, as she will notice that she does not look like them, as does their own birth child.